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Microgrid, PV, ESS, Fuel Cell, EMS, AMI

LG Energy Solutions

Business Overview

Innovation for a Better Life

The importance of energy is an ever growing area for the sustainable future of humanity.

Especially about electrical energy, which is known as the most convenient form of energy sources, the need for transition while considering of a steady growth in demand has been emphasized.

LG wishes to take the leadership in promoting necessary changes with its prepared technologies, products and solutions, while facing this crucial period of transition such as technology innovation for eco-friendly distributed generation, efficiency enhancement for power grid by energy storage, intelligent consumption and demand response, etc. to overcome the existing limits.

With the world's leading technology and competitiveness, LG has been acknowledged internationally as a leading company with the largest in terms of size and number of ESS references and by winning of various awards for photovoltaic field.

Furthermore, LG offers total energy solutions, which support clean energy generation, storage and efficient consumption, by combining energy related products and technologies including fuel cell systems for energy generation, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), high efficient Power Conditioning System (PCS), Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Energy Management System (EMS).

Through the continuous innovation, LG will continue to maintain its commitment to serve more valuable and better lives for customers.

LG Microgrid Solution

LG smart microgrid solutions are composed of lego-style eco-friendly distributed generation, energy storage system to enhance stability and intelligent energy management through real-time monitoring.

Microgrid, PV, ESS, Fuel Cell, EMS, AMI
Microgrid, PV, ESS, Fuel Cell, EMS, AMI
Microgrid, PV, ESS, Fuel Cell, EMS, AMI

Core Capability

  • Cleaner energy with cutting-edge renewable and innovative energy components
  • Operational stability and sustainability with ESS and convergence ICT solutions
  • Central monitoring and controlling management of energy supply and demand
  • Applicable in parallel with the existing power grid and/or install independently to distributed generation.


Ulleung Island Microgrid, Korea Taean Microgrid, Korea
Ulleung Island Microgrid, Korea Taean Microgrid, Korea
  • 100% Renewable Energy Mix
  • Established a Special Purpose Company(SPC)
    with KEPCO, Province and partners
  • PV generation and ESS
  • EMS solution to manage daily operation
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